Introverts In Sales

By Amanda HoyleSeptember 26, 2021
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Amanda Hoyle
Amanda is a proficient and widely published educational leader, with Master's degrees in both Education and Psychology.
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It's common thought that sales is a job for extroverts, however, how possible is it too succeed successfully as an introvert in a sales role?

Learn more about introverts working in sales below, and what one can typically expect this from this job role as an introvert after college.

Selling While Shy: Introverts in Sales

It might seem counter-intuitive to say that introverts make the best salespeople. But their characteristics just might be perfect for the job.

Introverts make up 50.7% of personality types in the U.S. (1)

Personality type representation in general public, introverted types (1)

ISTJ: 11.6%

ISFJ: 13.8%

INFJ: 1.8%

INTJ: 2.1%

ISTP: 5.4%

ISFP: 8.8%

INFP: 4.4%

INTP: 3.3%


Increase in sales jobs projected over the next 10 years (2)


Projected new number of sales jobs by 2024 (2)

Best Qualities in a Salesperson

According to industry specialists, the following traits typically make a good salesperson: (3)




Problem-solving skills


Useful Qualities of the Introvert

The characteristics of your everyday introvert include: (4,5)

Quiet and thoughtful

Why this works in sales: Often customers will avoid the high-energy, assertive employees. Many introverts prefer to be helped by other introverts, so they feel their space isn’t being violated.

Communicate best one-on-one

Why this works in sales: Especially in retail sales situations, introverts can better connect to an individual rather than a large group.

Form a few deep attachments rather than many, shallow friendships

Why this works in sales: Introverts can form a deeper relationship with customers than extroverts, leading people to trust what they say.

Think carefully before speaking

Why this works in sales: Salespeople who speak carefully and with purpose tend to be more trustworthy. They also are less likely to make a social faux pas and offend customers!


Why this works in sales: Introverts are more likely to look back on their performance and think, “How could I have handled that situation better/differently?” This leads to more refined skills.

Sales Careers

Here are some great career options for introverts interested in sales. (2)

Career: Median pay

Advertising sales agent: $47,890

Insurance sales agent: $47,860

Real estate sales/broker: $43,430

Sales engineers: $96,340

Financial services sales agent: $72,070

Travel agent: $34,800

Wholesale and manufacturing sales agent: $58,380


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Amanda Hoyle
Amanda is a proficient and widely published educational leader, with Master's degrees in both Education and Psychology.
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